A Day.

Holy. Crap. It's cold here.



First of all I’d like to point out that this is how cold it was when I left for school this morning.  Wow.  Front of the house dress pants were not made for this weather.  My legs became icicles, even on the short walk from the car to the culinary building.


Honestly, today wasn’t the best day ever, but some times all I need is a meal on the couch with my b.f. and the cat laying on the floor to cheer me up.


Quinoa, veggie burger, avocado, cheese, salsa & Siracha.


Good food heals the soul.  Along with some salad, and some vegan pumpkin cheese cake, I felt like a new woman after this meal.  I may not be able to control outside events in my life, but I can control what goes into my body.  And you can bet I’m going to put the best food possible in there!


Be well & happy eating!



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