Pork Cutlet Roulade (Stuffed Pork Cutlet)

I’ve made my fair share of roulades in Culinary school, especially in my Food Service Production class.  Roulade is just a fancy way of saying that you’re going to stuff or roll a cutlet of meat around some type of filling.  My least favorite roulade I made was Chicken Kiev.  Pounded out chicken breast wrapped around butter and herbs, breaded and fried.  I’ve made Veal Cordon Bleu, veal cutlet stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, breaded and fried.  All of the roulades at school are breaded and fried.

But this roulade is completely different.  Pork cutlets wrapped around goat cheese with roasted poblano and jalepeño peppers and garlic.  Seared on the stove top and finished in the oven.  It’s relatively healthy for you, and it’s not breaded or fried.

Pork Cutlet Roulade

Serves 3, or 2, one being a hungry guy


3 pork cutlets

2 tablespoons poblano pepper, roasted

1 tablespoon jalepeño pepper

1 clove garlic, minced

2 ounces goat cheese (I used Haystack Chevre!)

canola oil




1.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2. Place your pork cutlets between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound out very thin.  You don’t want to tear the cutlet, but it needs to be thin enough to roll, about 1/8 inch thick.

3. Mix chopped peppers and garlic into goat cheese.

4. Preheat a pan on the stove.  Add enough canola oil to cover the bottom of the pan.

5.. Spread the goat cheese mixture on the cutlets and roll up, securing the rolls with toothpicks.

6. Place stuffed pork cutlets into pan on stove and sear on all sides until a nice brown color develops.  Remove from pan and place in oven safe dish.  Place in oven and cook until the internal temperature reaches 165, about 20 minutes.


Make sure you get rid of the tooth picks before you eat it!  To roast a poblano pepper, simply crank your oven up to 400 degrees, spray the pepper with spray oil and put it on a sheet pan in the oven.  When the sink is blackened, take it out and put it in a paper bag to cool.  The skin should peel off very easily and then all you have to do is take the seeds out!  Roasting peppers is super easy and way cheaper to do it yourself instead of buying them in a jar.


These pork chops quick enough to make for a mid week meal but make you feel like you did something extra special for dinner.  The tang of the goat cheese pairs nicely with the heat of jalepños and the earthy-ness of the roasted poblanos.  The cheese melts in the oven and coats the inside of the roulade nicely.


Served with swiss chard and ravioli


I wasn’t able to cook much this week and it felt good to create something like this last night.  The power of a delicious home cooked meal is highly underrated.  These pork roulades are simple, yet tasty and look almost elegant when you slice them in half and reveal all that glorious goat cheese and peppers.  Cook for yourself tonight, it’ll do you well!


Be well & happy eating!


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