Day One: Intro to Baking & Pastry


I’m finished with dining room!  I know I didn’t blog about that class very much, but that’s what happens when a class is my least favorite.  I really wanted to love every class I take in culinary school, but I just couldn’t get into that one.  I know how to stack plates on my arm like a bad ass now, so that’s something worth taking from the class.  Today was pretty interesting in Baking and Pastry, despite the fact that the room was as cold as it was outside.  We’re baking bread, not cutting meat.  The heating system was completely messed up this morning.  Chef even let us put out jackets on during lecture-usually we aren’t even allowed to bring a jacket into class.  Everything aside from your knife kit and notebook have to be in a locker.

Table set for 6

Today we learned how to make baguettes and biscuits.  Baguettes are a lean bread dough meaning that they have very little fat in them.  They only consist of bread flour, yeast, water, salt and a tiny bit of sugar.  It’s not complicated to make them, but it is worth investing the time to find out what the temperature of the room and ingredients are so that you can get the proper water temperature for mixing up your dough.  I had no idea that temperature mattered so much in bread baking!  You’ll be seeing bread on the blog in the future, I can feel it!




We also made biscuits and they were pretty fun to make.  I liked how big we left the flakes of butter in the dough.  You could still see butter in the dough and when it hits the hot oven, the chunks melt and create a wonderfully tender and flakey biscuit.  I also learned about biscuits today that you never really mix the dough, but rather lift and let the wet parts of the dough pick up the dry parts.  That’s what helps your biscuits stay flakey.  My cream cheese biscuits are going to benefit from my new knowledge of biscuit making and they’re already pretty good!  I’m also partial to biscuits because they’re my nickname.  Yep, my parents call me Biscuit.  They’re still not sure how they came up with that, but hey, I’ll take it!

Be well & happy eating!

Butter streaks, yes yes


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