Baking Class, Day 3

Remember this?

Peach pie filling


Well that delicious filling that we made yesterday turned into this:



We didn’t get to sample the peach pie today, but on Monday we will!  We learned how to roll out pie dough today; it’s much more complicated than you think.  It has to be even thickness, it has to stay round, it can’t get too warm…  We baked off these fruit pies and then we made several other empty pie crusts for quiche and custard pies.  My group is making pumpkin pie next week!


Proofing knots


We also made soft rolls today.  These are literally the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever made and also the best bread I’ve ever made.  You know those rolls you get that are lighter than air and they practically melt in your mouth when you bite into them?  Those are soft rolls.  I’ll post the recipe for those soon.  We made three different kinds of soft rolls, the knots you see above, cloverleafs and round rolls.  The cloverleafs turned out really nice!

Proofing cloverleafs


They baked together into one roll, but when you pulled them apart, they ripped right where the pieces were stuck together.  Delicious and pretty looking!  There was a lot of waiting in class today.  The thing about bread is that it has short ingredient list and is fairly easy to put together, but it’s pretty time consuming waiting for it to proof.  That’s probably most of the reason that folks don’t make they’re own bread more frequently.

Baked knots


When I broke open one of these rolls and a small curl of steam wafted out and revealed a light, buttery roll, I remembered why making your own bread is worth the effort.  It just goes to show that it doesn’t take a lot of complicated ingredients and steps to make a wonderful product.  I challenge you to find anyone that doesn’t like a warm, yeasty roll from the oven.


I’m so excited the weekend’s here.  I’m going to try and do some baking on my own!  Be well & happy eating.


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