Pate a Choux & Cream & Custard Pie, Day 4 of Baking Class

Peach strawberry pie

This was part of my lunch today.  We finally got to try all the fruit pies we made last week and our peach strawberry was delicious!  I am never using store bought crust again-this was hands down the best pie crust.  Ever.  Shortening just has nothing over butter!  It makes such a flakey and delicious crust I almost wanted to just eat crust and no filling.  Don’t worry, I still ate the filling too!
Today was pretty interesting as I had never made most of the things we produced.  My group made a coconut cream pie, which based on my finger swipes into the bowl was amazing!  We also made pumpkin pies that look delicious as well.  We’re tasting all of our cream and custard pies tomorrow.
Quiche!  I did try a little bit of this, despite the fact that quiche always reminds me of getting sick.  I ate a bunch of tiny quiches at my grandpa’s wedding and then proceeded to get the stomach flu shortly after.  Those quiches didn’t stay in my stomach and the thought of them today still reminds me of being sick.  I did try ours today and it was pretty good, but I could only eat a little bit of it.
Custard is simply wonderful.  Royal custard is a  2:1 ratio of  eggs and milk and it’s amazing how if you cook that, it becomes thick and creamy.

Mixing, mixing, mixing

We also made pate a choux dough today.  You make the majority of the dough on the stove and then you temper an egg/cornstarch slurry into it.  You have to stir constantly or otherwise it will burn.  All three of us in my group took turns mixing this until it “carpeted” the bottom of the pot, or started sticking.  It’s important to get all the moisture out or otherwise it can’t be piped out later.

Natasha piping and 'oseph supervising

Piping was kind of fun, although it requires lots of concentration.  Natasha did well at the piping.  I had some trouble at first, but then it started to get easier after doing it a few times.

Super concentration

Then these go into the oven until their nice and dark brown.  These taste pretty bland on their own, but tomorrow we’re filling them with pastry cream and dipping them in chocolate!  Then they will taste amazing!

Fill me with pastry cream!

 I’m off to study some more baking.  Perfect day for reading about baking; it’s snowing outside.  Thankfully, it’s only snowing a little bit so my drive home won’t be so bad.
Be well & happy eating!

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