I guess I'll go out in this.

Holy snow!  There are ridiculous amounts of snow in Boulder right now.  I walked out to my car to drive the bf to work and there was at least six inches of snow on top of my car.  The snow was coming over the top of my Sorels!

Thank you, Mom, for the best snow boots ever! And yes, these are in our bath tub. They were really wet!


Oh yeah and another awesome thing that happened this morning:


Snow day at Johnson and Wales!  Winter breaking is starting a day early, whoo hoo!  This unfortunately means that our schedule for baking class is going to be messed up and we’ll have to do a make up day, but I can’t pretend that it isn’t awesome to have a snow day.  Concentrating on driving in the snow, at 5 am, isn’t the best scenario.  It really frazzles me.

I love you, car. You drive through anything!

Today will involve a little bit of working, some physical therapy and some biscotti making!  My parents got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and it came today!  I can’t wait to use it!



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