It’s Cocktail Time.


No, I haven’t been replaced by Sandra Lee, but every evening, around 4:30, my mom and I start thinking about what kind of adult beverage we’re going to enjoy before dinner.  Happy hour at the Steube Ranch, if you will.  Almost every single night, I have had the following cocktail that my aunt and mom created.

Mom and Aunt Wendy’s Pomegranate Cocktail

Serves 2


2 parts vodka

2 parts pomegranate juice (We’ve been using POM Wonderful and it’s fantastic!)

2 parts pineapple juice

a squeeze of fresh lime



Combine all ingredients except for champagne in a shaker with ice and speed shake.  Pour into a fancy glass, we’re partial to martini glasses, and float champagne on top.  The champagne is optional, but highly recommended!

I’m starting to think of this cocktail as a holiday one, mainly because we’ve been drinking it on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it should be enjoyed year round!  It’s the perfect blend of sweet, slightly alcoholic from the vodka and bubbly from the champagne.  It goes down way too easily, so make extra because you’ll drink this super fast!

Pomegranate arils are another optional garnish that are highly recommended!


This could make for an excellent New Years Eve cocktail as well.  Back to Boulder I go tomorrow.  Be well & happy eating!


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