Goals for my 25th year, revisited.

Back in September, right before my birthday, I posted about goals I wanted to achieve this year.  So, here we are, at the peak of goal and New Years Resolution time, and I already have mine ready to go.  It’s time to get more specific about how I’m going to accomplish them.


  • Attend and graduate culinary school.  This is actually harder than it sounds.  My free time is incredibly limited, my financial situation is less than ideal and I still work. (More on the work situation later.)  I tend to get incredibly stressed out when I am overwhelmed; my brain goes into over drive and I convince myself that I will never complete all the tasks ahead of me and I question why I am torturing myself through this year of school.  And then, a perfect zucchini muffins comes out of the oven at school.  I carried all those plates dining room class.  I got the highest score on my Store Room lab practical that my Chef can remember.  I love food.  I love being around it, thinking about it, touching it, manipulating it to work in my dishes.  This year is totally worth it as hard as it is.
  • Find a job that utilizes my new culinary degree.  This is the year.  I’ve already started brainstorming restaurants to do my internship at.


  • Heal the tendonitis in my right wrist.  Well, I don’t really know what’s wrong with my wrist right now.  I have limited range of motion in my wrist and my pinky and ring finger are swollen twice their size, my palm and wrist are swollen as well.  It’s been a battle to find out what’s wrong with it, but after my tests this week and next, I think the situation will finally be resolved.
  • Life weights 2-3 times per week.  I can’t really lift until my hand situation is resolved, but I plan to follow Gina’s Winter Shape Up starting at the end of January.  I will modify exercises as necessary until my hand gets better.
  • Practice yoga 1 once a week.  Again, hand needs to heal.
  • Run my third marathon, injury free.  I’ve got my eye on a few races this year and am thinking of doing a fall marathon.  I plan on running this year the Horsetooth Half Marathon in April, the BolderBoulder in May, the Heart and Sole Half Marathon or 10k, probably the half if I run a fall marathon.  I have yet to decide which full marathon to run.  I was thinking the Denver Rock n Roll or the Twin Cities marathon.  By running consistently throughout the winter and spring, as I have started doing at the beginning of December, I will set myself up to be in stellar shape for a full marathon.  Weight lifting and reducing my body fat will definitely help with training.  In addition, I plan to train for this marathon by time and effort, not distance.


  • Reduce the amount of self created stress in my life.  As always, a work in progress.  I’m still formulating a super specific plan for this.
  • Meditation.  Haven’t given this much though yet, but I think I need to create the time and the space for this.

So, there it is!  I am hoping that by writing these down, it will hold me more accountable to trying to achieve them.  The hand healing is my top priority right now and then the other goals.  We’re making a seafood roast tonight for dinner, I’ll let you know how it is!

Be well & happy eating!


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