Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing (or not relaxing if you went out and partied your face off) New Years Eve.  I spent the day doing all things I love.  I had short, but sweet workout yesterday morning at the gym and discovered some weight lifting exercises that didn’t bother my arm/hand.  That made me feel really, really good that I could lift at least a little.  I kept the weights pretty low though.  I didn’t want to hurt myself.

Then, brunch ensued at one of my favorite spots in Boulder, Snooze!  Snooze just opened a few months ago and they have the most unique dishes!  And I got to spend time with a few of my favorite ladies that I don’t see very often because of school.  I had a most delicious latte while the rest of the crew had mimosas.  I was saving drinking for later!  I had the three egg omelet with arugula, portabella mushrooms and goat cheese and giant side of fruit.  Perfect!

Hello lovely!


My lovely friend, Elaine, had the Tuscan benedict, which I have had on another occasion and is delicious.



She also had the pancake of the day, which was a buttermilk pancake with Heath bar and bacon bits swirled into it.  What a creation!  Whoever comes up with the pancakes at Snooze has a very creative mind.

Pretty lady, pretty pancake.

My other two friends got this pancake, the Ichabod Crane, which is a buttermilk pancake topped with streusel, pumpkin cream, candied pumpkin seeds and chili spiced maple syrup.  This is my favorite pancake I’ve had so far there.

Fast photo, we were hungry!


After sufficiently stuffing our faces, I did a little grocery shopping and then the bf and I power cleaned the apartment.  We need to have people come over more often; it looks so wonderfully clean in our living room right now.  Two of my girl friends came over and we spent a very low key evening eating obscene amounts of food and watching TV.

There was even more food than this. Insane amounts of food.


I made pulled pork and roasted poblano/pancetta mac n cheese.  Alli made falafel and Lindsay brought an incredibly decadent and oh so yummy salted caramel chocolate cake.  The bf was the official refiller of glasses and drink creator.  A very relaxing and cheesy night.

Blackberries, Haystack Red Cloud and Brie. There was also some Boursin spready cheese.


I woke up this morning feeling a little off.  What a lightweight!  I drank half a glass of white wine and two glasses of champagne and I have a headache.  Indie and I are up and waiting for the bf to wake up.  Perhaps I will make something in my new mixer.  It’s finally in my possession and I’m in love and obsessed with it!

Happy New Year, from Indie!


Be well & happy eating in the New Year!


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