So This is Love

Oh Prince Charming, you fox you!

“So this is love…do do do do.”  The bf really likes singing this song.  It started when my sister met her boyfriend and he would hum that every time I talked about them.  Now he just sings it regardless of who we’re talking about.  I found myself humming this today as I used my new mixer.  I was down right giddy with excitement when I unwrapped the massive box it came in.

Happy face


It’s been sitting on a side table near my desk in all it’s glory and I finally got to use it this morning.  The maiden voyage of the Kitchen Aid Mixer took place this morning, when I whipped up a vegan pumpkin loaf.  I would say that this was breakfast, but we ate it at noon.  Whoops.  Taking advantage of sleeping in!


I just noticed you can see my legs in the bowl of the mixer!  Like my fuzzy slippers?  They’re essential to baking, you know.


Profile shot


It was nice to dirty only one bowl while making this.  Usually I end up dirtying a few bowls, one to make flax eggs, one for dry ingredients and one for wet ingredients.  No longer! 🙂

Vegan pumpkin loaf with walnuts.


And then I made bread!  I ripped off a piece and we made it into flat bread.  So, so, so delicious!

His and her pizza halves


Since the bf and I are incapable of sharing anything, mainly because we have such different opinions on what constitutes “good” toppings or not, we did a halvsies pizza.  His: left over pulled pork, tomato sauce, spinach, onion and string cheese.  Hers: tomato sauce, spinach, onions, Red Cloud Haystack, and pancetta.  We cut up an avocado and added that after it was done baking. It was one of the better pizzas we’ve eaten.  Home made dough is so superior to store bought!  The mixer will certainly increase my desire to make my own dough.

Good dinner to start the year.


I used this recipe from when I made bread, except I added two tablespoons of olive oil. I have so many great leftovers in my fridge right now, lunch for days! And packed lunches for the bf!

Be well & happy eating! “So this is love…”


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