Marinated Tofu Sandwiches

Hey good lookin'


Today has been quite the glorious one!  I went for a run and brunch with Alli, which was delightful.  I miss all of our runs together when we were training for Grandma’s Marathon.  Worked for a couple hours and then went to yoga with Alli.  My hip, thighs and quads are all burning, but in a good way.  Now I’m at home, sipping on some sparkly water (It’s a good thing Santa brought the bf a sparkly water maker! 🙂 ) and watching the bf make me dinner!  This almost never happens!  Last night he was reading a vegan cooking blog, which was out of the ordinary in itself, found a recipe for baked tofu sandwiches  and said “This sounds like something you’d really like.  I could make for you for dinner tomorrow night if you’d like.”  Um, yes please!  I love, love, love cooking, but it’s always nice to be treated by having someone else make you dinner.

The bf is currently making The McFu for us.   Marinating and baking tofu and then putting it on a sandwich with vegetables sounds was a stellar idea.  We added avocado to ours and it was grand!  Be well & happy eating!

Open face of deliciousness!


P.S. I meant to post this earlier so it would be posted on the 6th, but I got totally sucked into True Blood.  That show is so, so addicting.  And I’m in love with Vampire Bill.




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