Indie’s Day

I thought I’d dedicate a post to my kitty, Indie, this morning.  This may be up there with crazy cat lady, but she doesn’t get much attention on the blog.  She was disgruntled that she never gets any face time on here.

This is MY couch.

Her favorite spot to lay is on the arm rest of the couch.  She never did that before, but we got back from our Thanksgiving trip and decided that it was her new post.  I guess she can see a lot from there.  Indie watches TV with us and eats meals with us from the arm rest.

Also, MY chair.

Apparently, we’re also sharing my desk chair now.  She was helping my type a blog post, or supervising rather.  Indie doesn’t look at as sharing, but rather allowing me to use her space.

Sleeping > studying

She’s a very studious kitty too.  Indie really enjoys reading about baking and pastry and then helping me write it down.  She’s a good supervisor, that one.

Oh, were these clean? Not any more!

Indie enjoys sleeping everywhere except for her bed that I bought her.  When I adopted her a few years ago, I bought her this really nice, soft bed…that she’s slept in maybe five times.  She much prefers wadded up scarves on the ground, clean laundry, the bathroom rug and my smelly running shoes.

Hope your Sunday is off to a good start.  Indie is glad that you all know her now.  Oh!  Indie is named after the Indigo Girls (how very Boulder of me…) because my friend and I went to one of their concerts and it sounded like a good name to me.  Perhaps I should have named her Blue Ivy instead…

Be well & happy eating!


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