The Journey of Laminated Dough: The Finale

Today we finished our laminated dough production with croissants and Danishes.

Get in my belly, you light and flakey crescent of goodness.


This is the inside of a perfect croissant.


Chocolate croissant. Pretty good, but I liked plain better.

Our Danishes were filled blueberry filling and then brushed with apricot glaze after baking.  Oh. My.  These croissants are the best thing I have ever produced.  Laminated dough is incredibly labor intensive and is not for the faint of heart, but wow!  When you pull apart one of these croissants and bite through all those flaky layers of butter and dough, the effort is totally worth it.  Totally.

We also made a genoise sponge cake and Swiss meringue butter cream to frost it with.

Mixing flour into beaten eggs and sugar.


Step 1


Step 2


Our cake would have been great, except our sheet pan warped from the heat in the oven and made our cake come out uneven.  It’s like there’s a mountain on one side of our cake.  Oh well.  It will be dealt with tomorrow.

Monkey bread made from leftover croissant and Danish dough.


Coma inducing monkey bread.  So. much. sugar. yet oh so delicious.  It was quite the busy day in class today.  We also made our soft rolls, which are part of our practical.  My soft rolls turned out pretty decent.

Round rolls and knots


I didn’t quite egg wash the rolls far enough down, but other than that, they looked pretty good.  They were light, and had good crumb, everything a soft roll should be.  Tomorrow we finish practicals and take our final.  Thanks to a massive amount of work (read: three hours of work) I did yesterday that did not have to be turned in with our final project, I will doing minimal studying tonight.  My extra work covered most of the final material.  Or I could just call it a night and go to bed.  Sounds like a winner to me!

Be well & happy eating!



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