Stocks, Soups and Sauces, First Day!

This a a steam kettle, a giant steam kettle

Hello!  Today was my first day of Stocks, Soups and Sauces Class and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool!  My Chef is incredibly funny and pretty easy going, which is a very big change from the last two classes I’ve had.  Since today was the introductory day, we didn’t do as much production as we will in the future.  We did a tour of the kitchen we’re in and learned how to chop up vegetables for brown stock and white stock.  Brown stock is usually made with beef or veal bones and they are roasted in the oven before they are put into the steam kettle.  The vegetables are also carmelized before they are put into the stock.  White stock is made with chicken bones and there’s not much to white stock except for throwing all the ingredients into a steam kettle and letting it simmer for a hell of a long time.  There was lots and lots of chopping today:

Everyone was tearing up because of all the onions we had to chop.  They were pretty potent!  I also cut up more onions that I ever have, but there is nothing more tedious than chateauing a potato.  Never seen a chateau? 

I hate you. Mine never, ever look this good.

It’s my least favorite thing I’ve learned at culinary school.  Yes, it’s tedious and difficult.  Yes, it looks nice when it’s done.  Yes, it’s huge waste of potato.  Yes, it shows off the skills of a chef, which is why we learn it.  I’m sure I will continue to bitch about chateauing potatoes, but it’s freaking hard!  Any ways, after we chopped our souls away, we dumped everything into two steam kettles and they simmer over night and when we come in tomorrow, we’ll have beef and chicken stock!

White/chicken stock


Brown/beef stock

Be well & happy eating!   

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