Sweet Potato Doughnuts (Sort Of)

Little orbs of frosted delight

The bf has taken to finding vegan recipes on the internet and showing them to me.  “Doesn’t this look good?”  “This is right up your alley.”  “Let’s make this today!”  Any time the bf suggests cooking something, I am excited.  Usually, I am the one that is hunting down recipes for us to make.  But, as of late, the last two weekends in a row, he’s the one that’s been full of suggestions.  He found this recipe for vegan sweet potato doughnut holes.  In an odd coincedence, I bought sweet potatoes when I was at the store earlier.  It was meant to be for us to try it.

We decided against making the caramel coating in the original recipe.  I wanted to make cupcakes and the bf wanted to make these, so our “doughnuts” ended up being a cross between the two.  We followed the original recipe almost exactly, except for the chai spices.  So, I just added a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and declared it chai spices.  The frosting I made was unmeasured and I didn’t follow a recipe.  I read a few recipes for a vegan butter cream and made up the recipe.  I put two tablespoons of Earth Balance in a bowl with a splash of vanilla extract, three or four heaping spoonfuls of powdered sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  I added a few drops of almond milk to thin it out and it all came together that resembled something like frosting.  I liked this frosting better than normal butter cream because normal butter cream always just tastes like butter to me.  I can never taste any other flavor except butter in butter cream frosting.

The sweet potato doughnut part was pretty good too.  I thought they were a touch dry, but that was cured by the frosting slathered all over the top.  I ate one and the bf inhaled all except for three.  If there’s a marker for something being tasty, that’s it!  I hope this pattern of suggestions continues, it’s been pretty fun for us!

Nearly gone now


Be well  & happy eating!



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