I totally didn't take this. I was too hungry to capture my turnip on camera.


Today, I tried another new food to me, the turnip.  I realize that turnips aren’t the most exciting thing and that most people have probably tried them, but hey, we’re all on a learning curve, right?  I picked one up at the store yesterday in my quest to eat more vegetables and to vary my diet more.  I tried a rutabaga once and I was not a fan.  It just tasted like dirt.  That’s probably what’s been holding me back from trying turnips.  They look pretty similar, you know.

Any who, so this afternoon, for lunch, I roasted up my turnip with some carrots and some broccoli.  ( I got a massive bag of frozen broccoli for under $2.50, win!)  Thoughts on turnips:

  • It tasted like nothing.  Literally, nothing.  I tried a piece by itself, with other ingredients in my salad, but I never really got a distinct turnip-y flavor.  It actually reminded me of jicama because it was very fibrous and tasted watery and grainy like jicama.
  • This does not mean that I disliked the turnip.  Anything roasted and covered with olive oil, salt and black pepper would be hard pressed to taste bad.  I guess it just added more fiber to my salad, which is never a bad thing.
  • What I realized more in this turnip experiment is that I hate cooked carrots.  Even olive oil, salt and pepper can’t save those for me.  There is just something about them that is highly unappealing to me when they’re cooked in any way.  (Except maybe cooked in cake form!)  They’re usually mushy, which is an unpleasant mouth sensation.  The sugar also concentrates in them and I don’t really like that either.  I just like carrots raw and crunchy!

And so, closes another food experiment for this week.  I’m not sure what my next new food to try should be.  Any suggestions?  I’m thinking I’d like to try one new food every week.  Be well & happy eating!

P.S.  Has anybody seen War Horse?  I cried like a baby during that tonight!  It was so good!


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