Day 3 In Stocks Class

Labeling is important


Yeah, we’re Team Green Arrow in Stocks class.  Natasha came up with that excellent name on Thursday!  Stocks, Soups and Sauces has become a pretty predictable routine.  We chop mountains of celery, onions and carrots for the mire poix for the stocks, roast bones if you’re making brown stock, rinse bones if you’re making white stock and chop even more vegetables if vegetable stock is being made.  I’m going to be an expert onion cutter by the end of this class.  And my hands are going to smell permanently of garlic from when we make soup.  Super hot.  My hands are doomed.



We finished up the brown lamb stock that we prepped on Thursday.  We realized part of the way through the cooking that we forgot to add leeks to the stock.  Ooops.  We still go em in there though.  We’ll drain that off tomorrow.

Cream of bacon tomato soup


Everything at school must contain two things: copious amounts of fat and bacon.  It turns out that bacon is also incredibly fatty, so really, school cooking is all about FAT.  This is the cream of tomato soup that we made today.  You cook the vegetables in the rendered bacon fat, add the rest of the ingredients in, puree it and then add cream.  Yep, bacon and cream.  Heart attack soup.  I won’t lie and say it didn’t taste good, but seriously?  Must everything have bacon?  (All of my friends at school would agree that yes, everything must contain bacon.)  Other groups made cream of mushroom and cream of broccoli soup as well.  Are you sensing a theme here?



This was an interesting thing to learn how to make.  Espagnole.  It’s a reduction of brown stock with a brown roux and mire poix simmered in it.  There’s also a boquet garni.  Bones + vegetables simmered -> brown stock -> espagnole ->sauce for plating.  It’s a very interesting progression that ingredients make into a sauce.  It makes a really thick, concentrated and flavorful sauce.

I spy vegetables


Vegetables!  That were made into vegetable stock and not really consumed.  All those beautiful vegetables simmered away into mush.  Maybe we’ll make a vegetarian soup with it?  Fat chance.  Well, that wraps up another day in Stocks, Soups and Sauces.  Going to make tofu tacos for dinner!

Be well & happy eating!



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