Lessons From Culinary School, as Told Through Stocks Class

Part Three of “Lessons From Culinary School” will be told through recaps of days 4 and 5 of Stocks, Soups and Sauces class!

White roux


1. You will make many on the same things over and over again.

How else are you going to learn, right?  You’re soup’s only going to be as good as the stock you made; your mac and cheese will only be as good as the béchamel you made, which is only as good the the roux you made.  It’s all about basics, people.

Mac n cheese


2. Chateau potatoes will never disappear.  Ever.

Just face facts.  These potatoes are going to be around for a while and you best learn how to make a some what decent one.  Then, when you leave school, you can never do one again.  Because it’s a huge waste of time.  And effort.  And potato.  You could make vichyssoise with the potato peelings though.



3. Everyone has a different way of making things. 

Chances are, everyone you’re working with will have a different opinion on how to make something.  Diversity is good because following recipes is boring.  It can get tricky when you deviate far from the recipe and have to start adding other things to make you dish taste right.  We probably spent at least on hour trying to tweak both our tomato sauce and our butternut squash soup.

Trio of soups


4. Don’t sit down if at all possible.

We get meal service in this class, which means we get served a five course, classical French meal for an hour of our class.  While it’s nice to sit and relax, it makes you very, very sleepy.  We’re going, going, going and on our feet for 5 hours and then we sit.  Not good.  Combined with the heavy food that you’re getting served, we’re all doomed after lunch.  Good thing we only have 45 minutes left after we get back from the meal.

You were a hard pot to clean.


5. Dishes, dishes, dishes.  There always someone in your class that’s never in the dish pit.

My friend Rob and I literally spent 20 minutes trying to scrub out an aluminum pan that had meat juice carbonized and encrusted on the bottom of it.  We even had metal scrubbers-Rob wore one completely down trying to scrub meat out of this pan.  It looked awesome when we were done, in case you were wondering.  That wasn’t the only pan either.  Béchamel coated pots, roasting pans, soup pots.  I spent about 15 minutes on a soup pot today as well.  Heat cements that shit on like glue and then you’re in for it.  Hey raisin fingers.  The same people will be in the dish pit.  Every single day.  And the same people won’t be doing dishes.  Don’t get me started on those people.

Friday class tomorrow.  Boo, but then my dad comes to town this weekend!  Wha hoo!

Be well & happy eating!


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