Saturday Night Ramble.

I just plugged in my camera to write about Stocks, Soups and Sauces class on Friday and there were no pictures of class on there!  I either deleted them or just forgot to take pictures.  It was a pretty slow day in class anyways.  We did a bunch of little projects, like mincing mushrooms, draining and cleaning steam kettles and watching our chef demonstrate sauces.  We start making sauces by ourselves on Monday.

I did get a picture of this cute guy though:

Hello. I'm Georgie!

The bf and I walked his parent’s dog on Thursday evening.  It was so warm it almost felt like spring!  Georgie loves balls.  He rooted through some bushes to find this tennis ball.  He will go through great lengths just to find a ball to carry around with him on a walk.

I'll never let go.

He managed to find this school children’s ball in the park and then proceeded to puncture it when we tried taking it from him.  I found it a little too funny that Georgie punctured a small child’s ball.  He was just so, so happy to find that ball and then destroy it.  When we walk Georgie, it’s fun to pretend like he’s my dog.  One day, hopefully this year, we’ll be able to get our own dog that attacks balls in the park!

I’ve been doing some reading on yoga.  i don’t know very much about it or it’s history, so it’s been very interesting for me.  I found a glossary of Sanskrit terms on Yoga Journal and  I love some of the words in here.

ashtanga yoga: This is the kind of yoga I’ve been practicing and it concentrates on eight different areas of the body and mind.

Om: the original mantra symbolizing the ultimate Reality.  It gives me the chills when everyone in class chants om together.  It’s such a beautiful sound.

I also like the animals Hanuman and the elephant.  Hanuman is a small monkey that symolbizes strength and elephants symbolize patience and are burden carriers.  These are appropriate for what’s going on in my life right now.   I think yoga and I were meant to be.  The lotus flower is one the pops up over and over again in yoga through poses and meditations and it has always been my favorite flower.  I’m going on three times per week in three weeks of yoga and I feel really, really great when I practice.

Off to bed I go.  Lululemon yoga in the morning!  Be well & happy eating.


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