Stocks, Day 7

Failed consomme

Slow day in the stocks class department.  We’re still making stocks, soups and sauces, go figure.  Tomorrow will be a busy, busy day as we start our practicals.  My group, Green Arrow, made lamb stock, espangnole and I finished making consommé that I started on Friday.  A consommé is a reduction of beef broth that has ground beef, mire poix and egg whites mixed into it.  As the stock reduces, the beef mixture forms a “raft” on the top and removes all the impurities from the stock.  Consommé should be clear, so clear that you can see to the bottom of the bowl when you are served it.  I had to clarify my consommé again because there was still fat in it.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying enough attention to it and the egg whites scorched on the bottom of the pot.  There’s no way to get that taste out of the consommé, so it was sort of a fail.  I guess I did learn how to make consommé and now I won’t let it scorch next time.   I was pretty overwhelmed because I have to do my sauce practical tomorrow and I just watched hollandaise get demonstrated today.  I did sucessfully make it in class, so I think I”ll be just fine tomorrow.  This class is really going by quickly.  I knew our practicals started on day 8, but I guess I didn’t realize that was tomorrow.

I’m feeling pretty energetic for this time of day.  Usually, I’m falling asleep by the time my second class starts at 4.  4 pm is usually right when I start to drag, so it’s an excellent time for class to start.  I have a midterm in this class on Wednesday, so I’m off to study for that.  I guess I have a lot to do this week,  but I feel surprizingly calm.  Maybe all that yoga has had some effects on me…

Be well & happy eating!



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