Practical Day, Stocks Class

Today was my last day in Stocks, Soups and Sauces!  Tomorrow I’m off to Traditional European, but I will miss Stocks class. Our practical was over the last two days and we had to do the following things for our practicals:

  • hollandaise or bearnaise sauce
  • one demi glace compound sauce
  • veloute, that was then made into our choice of sauce or a soup
  • knife cuts: basically every knife cut from julienne to a frite, french fry cut!  And the dreaded tourne potato.

I was so relieved to be done with hollandaise that I didn't take its picture!

I chose to make hollandaise sauce for my practical.  For some reason, I had this sauce built up in my head as being incredibly difficult and was certain that I would screw up.  It’s an emulsified sauce, clarified butter whipped into egg yolks, a reduction and seasoning.  The thing with sauces like hollandaise is that they can “break”; the butter can separate out the emulsion and you end up with a runny, goopy mess of egg yolks swimming in butter.  None of these things happen to me!  As with most things in my life, I built up something that wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be.  My hollandaise turned out smashingly and I have a buff left forearm to prove it!




I made a duxelle sauce for my demi glace compound sauce, which is a reduction of demi glace with lots of minced mushrooms, tomato paste, shallots and a flambe of medeira!  That was my first time flambe-ing anything and I just made a small flame.  I like my eyebrows just the way the are.

Chicken Veg soup

Oh veloute.  The trick is to be patient enough to make a blond roux, and I am not.  Luckily, I had two classmates who told me to calm down and wait it out before I showed it to chef.  Veloute = blond roux + white chicken stock.  Then I made that into chicken vegetable soup.


Today, I did probably about 10 different knife cuts for my practical.  All went pretty well except that my tournes “needed to go on Jenny Craig”.  A little on the big side, but they were shaped correctly.  All in all, a very, very good practical and I’m proud of myself!  I have discovered that I work well under pressure.  I saw hollandaise made only once, made it myself once and it still went really well on practical day.  Excited to start making some mushy Euro food tomorrow!  And then it’s the weekend!

Be well & happy eating!


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