Thank You, Glasses.

Chicken cacciatore with grilled polenta and marinated zucchini

Let me paint you a picture:  Today is Thursday, which puts me in the Friday mind set because there’s no class tomorrow.  I’ve contracted illness from someone that involves lots of toilet paper (we’re too lazy to buy tissues), sneezing, eyes running and raging sinus headache.  Today is the first day of Traditional European class.  I just spent over an hour yesterday with my nose in a cutting board, making the best knife cuts I could for Stocks Class.  My hand is throbbing and stiff.  I’m sure you can sense the kind of mood I’m in.


So, here I am, in class, trying to brown chicken for our chicken cacciatore.  The pans are on the highest heat possible, smoking with oil to get a nice caramelization on the chicken.  I’m done cleaning out the pot and I pour what I thought was fresh oil into the pan for a new batch of chicken.  Steam and smoke shoot out of the pan, spitting and hissing and as I step back, I run right into my chef.  I definitely put white wine instead of oil into that scorching hot pan.  Whoops.  It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was pretty embarrassing to do that right in front of my new chef.  And he reminded me for the rest of class about how I tried to “light the kitchen on fire.”  Ha ha.


Was this a huge deal?  Was it the end of the world?  Nah, it definitely could have been much worse.  It was just incredibly embarrassing.  Obviously, I know the difference between white wine and oil.  I was exhausted from being sick.  Good thing I have nice friends in class who made me feel better.  I’m also thankful for my glasses today because when the chicken is browning in the pan, it spits oil every where.  All that oil that was spitting out of the chicken pans landed on my glasses lenses instead of my eyes.  Oh yeah, and all over my arms.  That’s what I get for rolling my sleeves up.


What is this? Wine? Oil?

Despite a few mishaps, our chicken cacciatore turned out pretty well, as did the rest of our production.  Not every day will be awesome at school, I suppose.  You can be damn sure that I’m going to look very carefully at what I’m pouring into a hot pot from this point on.  Other production in class today was beef stew with tourne potatoes (we’ll never escape them!) and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.  Very pretty plates today and we got out early.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day to get out early!


Pretty beef stew


We also made salad

Be well & happy eating!


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