Kitchen Gadgets Galore

New blender!

We have officially acquired another kitchen appliance!  Today, we finally bought the blender that we’ve talking about getting.  Well, mostly I wanted it, as with most kitchen appliances.  Do you have any idea how annoying it is to make a smoothie with an immersion blender?  It is horribly inefficient; immersion blenders don’t pulverize fruits and vegetables (yes, I put spinach or kale in my smoothies).  It just chops them up really fine and gives you the illusion that you’ve made a smoothie.  And then you try and drink said smoothie with a straw.  I think we all know the end of that story.  So, meet our new blender!  The bf broke it in by making a smoothie with the following:

whey powder


frozen berries

frozen mango

Whizzzzzz and this is what we got:

Oh hey efficiently processed smoothie!

Yes, that’s a smoothie in a mug.  We’re all about kitchen appliances, but not so much drinking vessels.  We did buy three new coffee mugs today.  Nope, not drinking glasses.  That’s logical.  Any ways, we’re building quite the gadget collection.  The juicer that I bought last year is in the background of the blender.  I still love, love my juicer, but I don’t use as frequently as I should.  Produce is expensive, but I’ve been making an effort to try to juice 3 times a week.

Sparkly water completes me.


We’ve already blown through a CO2 canister for this and bought another one today.  This thing is so easy to use and you can choose how bubbly or not your want your water.  We like ours super duper sparkly. I feel pretty good about reducing the amount of containers we’re using too.  No more buying sparkling water at the store.

I love you.


I busted out the mixer tonight to make special birthday treats for my best friend’s birthday tomorrow.  Her birthday was technically last week, but we’re celebrating tomorrow morning with brunch at Snooze!  (Yes, I eat there a lot.)  I can’t tell you want the birthday treats are yet…she might read this before tomorrow!  But, I’ll give you some hints.

What do I make?


Total spoiler.


Promise I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!  Be well & happy eating!


Quotes from the day:

  • “My surgeries have been life changing for me in a very positive way.  I feel blessed to live in a time where things like this can happen.” – a lovely coworker
  • “You’re too young to have such a grip on security.  Now’s not the best time to walk away from a decent job, but there’s no sense in holding onto it just for security.” Thanks, Dad!
  • “What would happen if you really let go?” -yoga teacher

A very positive day today!


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