Hello Weekend.

Class production


Traditional European class is an exhausting class, mainly because I have a chef who demands perfection.  There’s nothing wrong with perfection, but when it’s expected but can never achieved, it gets old.  It’s futile trying to make great food, knowing that no matter what you do, it will never be up to par.  The weekend comes with a great sense of relief.  Today, Kim and I made “California Cioppino” stew.  It was basically a tomato stew with carrots, onions, celery and leeks cooked in the tomato broth.  Then, you poach assorted seafood and make a pretty bowl of soup with it, like this!

The stew was alright, but the highlight of today for me was making pasta!  We made chocolate pasta in Nutrition class, but today we all different kinds of colors.  I made spinach pasta, a few other people made red pasta with roasted red peppers and tomato paste, plain pasta and a roasted garlic pasta.  Now, all I want is a pasta attachment for my mixer.  It’s so, so easy to make pasta, but the hard part is having a way to roll in out so its thin enough.


Little green ball of pasta dough


Pasta contains the following ingredients: flour, egg, salt, water, oil.  That’s it!  You can make pasta based on how many eggs you want to use.  We each made a pasta that contained one egg.  All seven people in my group made a ball of pasta and about seven out of twenty people that we served ate pasta.  It was very sad how much of our fresh pasta we had to throw out.  We put a lot of work into rolling out and cutting it and then it ended up in the compost.  I guess we all got to learn how to make pasta though.


Sheeting pasta


Cut spinach pasta


Rainbow of pasta colors


An long, but fun day.  The snow apocalypse has started in Boulder and everyone is in panic mode.  You’d think that people in Boulder would be used to snow, as we live near the mountains and it a climate that gets cold enough to snow.  Nope, the Boulderites regularly panic and flood the grocery stores, certain that they will run out of food.  The news did say that there might be record breaking snow.  I guess I’ll see when I wake up tomorrow!  Be well & happy eating!


One thought on “Hello Weekend.

  1. Oh Girl, Cioppino is one of my absolute favorite foods. Hope to have the opportunity to try some of your art someday.


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