Cabbage Galore

I am now the owner of A LOT of cabbage.  Apparently, no one works in the produce department at Safeway, so I had to buy both of the entire cabbages.  I supposed I could have hunted someone down to help me, but that would have required extra effort and made my shopping trip more than 10 minutes long.  Any one have any good cabbage recipes?  I actually bought cabbage to make this salad that I saw on My New Roots, Roasted Sesame Winter Slaw.  I just started reading Sarah’s blog and it is quite a joy to read.  She has wonderful photos that would inspire almost anyone to eat vegetables!

I followed her recipe nearly exactly save for a few modifications:

  • I used napa cabbage instead of savoy because I couldn’t find savory.
  • I toasted sunflower seeds instead of sesame seeds.
  • I also made the salad dressing separately so that I could dress the salad as I eat and the cabbage wouldn’t get soggy.

This salad is a gorgeous rainbow of colors and adds some color to a another dreary day in Boulder.  Crunchy, toasty salad, covered with tangy tahini dressing.  And it makes like 10 cups of salad, so I will be eating cabbage until the end of next week likely.

I finished my Traditional Euro practical today and now I’m FREEEEEEEE!  Well, I have to take the final on Thursday, but that will be pretty easy.  I’ll talk more about how the practical went tomorrow!  I’m just happy to be relaxing and enjoying the evening tonight.  Be well & happy eating!


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