True or False?

Tuscany White Bean Soup 2/3/12

Let’s play a game tonight, shall we?  True or False?

1. Everyone will pull their weight in the classroom.  They will contribute to the food being made and they will work cooperatively with you.

False.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this was true?  Like any situation where multiple people are involved in the production of a food/project/presentation, there is always someone who won’t pull their weight.  There will always be a slacker in your group.  A whiner.  A bossy one.  They will always be there to frustrate you to no end.  The flip side of this is that for every bad person in your group, there’s usually some great to replace them.

2.  Everyone in your kitchen will use common sense.

False.  I’d like to thank the person that left an incredibly hot pot in the dish pit for warning me ahead of time that the pot was in fact hot.  I didn’t burn myself luckily by realizing fairly quickly that the pot was hot.  Yes, people will actually do things like this and you’ll shout profanities at them shake your head in amazement at their lack of common sense.  Don’t try and understand why anyone would do such things.  You’ll never. figure. it. out.


3.  Some people you meet along the way will not be stupid.

True!  I’ve made some really great friends at school and I feel like I’ve known them for longer than I have.  We take care of each other, bitch to each other and go unwind after class together.  They’ve looked out for me with my injured hand and I am incredibly thankful.


Pork Goulash. Holy Paprika. My camera refused to let me use no flash.


4.  Everyone will clean their own dishes and do it in a timely and efficient manner.

False.  No way in hell.  Someone just made a great tomato sauce.  They’ve transfered that sauce to a holding container and then they set that pot (which is cooled) on the side of the dish pit.  Now, they walk away and move on to their next task.  Yes, the pot is still sitting there.  Another person comes along to the dish pit and starts cleaning and then they see the tomato sauce pot.  Nearly carbonated tomato encrusted all around the inside of the pot.  What would have been a two second clean, if the first person would have soaked their pot, will now take 15 minutes.  See #2 for why someone would do this.


5.  Regardless of all these things and perhaps having a less than stellar day at school, culinary school is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

True.  Yeah, today wasn’t the greatest and people were not on their A-game.  But, I wouldn’t trade this for the world.  I’ll be in class, come hell or high water because this truly is one of the best experiences of my life.  Tomorrow’s a new day and the weekend starts at 12:01 pm!


Be well & happy eating!


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