Romaine Lettuce.

Let’s have a little product review tonight.

This is napa cabbage. (The yellow one.)

This is romaine lettuce

They don’t look very similar, do they?  They’re different colors, different textures, and they are not interchangeable.  I don’t know if the people who give us our inventory for class are working with a full deck.  Our requisition called for 3 heads of romaine lettuce and we got three heads of napa cabbage.  Those aren’t easily confused vegetables.  Maybe they are, what do I know?  But, these are also the people who didn’t give us any chicken on Monday.  It’s ok; chicken is optional for cacciatore.

I’ve enjoyed reading about food this evening on the internet:

Michael Ruhlman’s post on Dry Cured Ham at Home.  I asked the bf if I could dry cure a ham in our fridge.  His response was, “You’ll do it no matter what I say.  I found kombucha brewing in the closet, so it wouldn’t shock me to find ham in the fridge.”

Ideas In Food blog.  Thanks for telling me about this, Rob.  I want to make everything I’ve read about.

Granola from My New Roots

101 Cookbooks’ Cottage Pancakes


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