The 50/50 Burger

“You know what they call a quarter pounder in France?  A Royale with Cheese.”



The  50/50 burger? What?  Beef and pork?  Beef and veal?  All good guesses.  This bad boy was 50/50 beef and BACON.  Yeah, bacon.  Bacon was definitely used in an entirely differently level in class today.  50/50 hamburgesa topped with frisee, lemon aioli and a quail egg.  Holy hell, was that ever a delicious burger.  I could eat that every night for dinner.  And then I’d die from a heart attack.  Could be worth it.  The bitter frisee and the acidic lemon helped make the burger not as rich tasting and the quail egg was the perfect little topper on this burger.  This is only Day 1 of this class and I can’t wait for the rest of the days ahead!

I made grilled shrimp today! That's calamari in the background, made by Natasha.


This delightful grilled shrimp had a sauce made from ancho chile powder, lime juice, garlic, salt, black pepper, thyme and olive oil.  Super quick to put together and it tasted great!  The ancho chile powder and lime juice added a nice kick to the shrimp.


My plate minus a few things.


That bright red sauce in the corner was made by Stephanie.  Romesco sauce is made with almonds, hazelnuts, garlic, stale bread, tomato, roasted red peppers, extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar and red pepper flakes.  Blend it all up and it makes an incredible sauce.  It was the perfect compliment to the shrimp, which I dipped all of my shrimp generously into.  One of my favorite things I ate today, Steph!


Grilled romaine salad


Can you tell I was on Team Grill today? Super fun first day of class!  What a change it makes in my attitude when I look forward to class instead of dreading it.


Getting ready for service.


Looking forward to an even better day tomorrow!


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