Welcome to the New World, where foods have flavor and spice!

Kim's pretty soup, roasted red pepper

Where it’s all right to use exotic ingredients.

CORN SMUT (The black sauce)


And there’s a whole lot of fried food.  Dear god, there’s tempura fried pickled jalapeños on this plate.  TEMPURA FRIED PICKLED JALAPEÑOS.  Did you know that you can pickle vegetables vacuum packed?  It takes mere minutes in a vacuum pack instead of a week.  These were insanely good and nobody could stop eating them.  The only down side was the frying of them; oil likes to spit on me when I fry things. There’s also grilled vegetables, green rice and corn smut.  Corn smut: a bacteria that grows on some kinds of corn.  It is edible and it’s taste compares with that of mushrooms and truffles.  Chef referred to it as a “corn truffle.”  It was surprisingly good!

Grilled chicken with crema sauce

Shout out to Stephanie, who made the salsa that went on top of this chicken.  She macerated pineapple in rum and brown sugar, grilled it, and then added bell peppers, poblano pepper and serrano pepper.  You would be correct if you were thinking that this was the best salsa ever.

From left: albondigas (meatballs), stuffed squid and GRILLED CHEESE.

Yeah, grilled cheese.  Who knew that was possible?  Chimichurri is the sauce that’s covering it, which I spent a good deal of time making today.  I also made enough to cover roughly 100 cheese portions, but at least we weren’t short!  We’re going to use it later this week as well.

Cheese & chimichurri close up

The class we’re feeding keeps talking about how great our food looks and how it’s so much different that any other New World food they’ve eaten.  “Why does your food look so much better than the other classes’ food?” someone asked.


Because we’re awesome.


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