What did you do today?

Perfect steak


I watched Natasha make the perfect steak.  The best.

Beef steak that was cooked in the immersion circulator.

1. Vacuum pack beef steak.  Put in immersion circulator at about 130 degrees and wait for your meat to come up to temp.  Remove from vacuum pack.


2. Place steak in liquid nitrogen for 30 seconds.  Liquid nitrogen is about 375 degrees below zero.

Deep fryer, I think I need to own one.

3. Put steak in the deep fryer until a crispy golden crust forms.  The steak was -375 and then dipped into oil that was +350.  Cold —› Hot = caramelization and crust on the outside of the steak.

Lovely, crusty outside, perfectly rare inside.

4. Inhale steak and it may change your life a little.  Or at least give you something really cool to tell people you did/witnessed.  Go Natasha!

I also made THIS today:

Grilled duck breast with arugula/frisee greens, tomato marmalade canals, candied almonds, roasted beet and mojo de ajo.

I have no knuckle hair from grilling those fatty duck breasts, but they were worth the effort.  I also had to chateau those beets; apparently you can chateau ANY vegetable, not just potatoes.  I cringed when I found that out.

I need an immersion circulator too.  And unlimited funds.  Be well & happy eating!


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