In the park near my house, listening to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!


  • Being ambidextrous would have been really helpful at this point in my life.  I realize how dependent I am on my right hand and how nice it is to have two hands.  I can’t put my hair into a ponytail easily.  I can’t soap up my left arm or put lotion on it.  How to you open a jar?  Sit down, put the jar between your knees and pry it off with your left hand.  Creative and resourceful.

Assume the position


  • This looks comfortable.  It’s not.  My shoulder really hurts after sitting with it this high for a long time.



  • I’ve been walking a lot more.  Yesterday, I walked to return some movies.  Today, I walked to the park to soak up some sunshine.  I never walk anywhere and it’s pretty pleasant walking to places.  Especially with NPR pod casts on my iPod.  If anything, being one handed is teaching me to be less lazy.
  • Showering.  You want to talk about awkward?  I have to wrap a garbage bag around my arm and then put a rubber band around it to make sure no water gets in.  At first I felt pretty damn stupid, but then the bf started chuckling at me and then I couldn’t help but laugh either.  I did look pretty damn stupid, but how else was I going to shower?

Battle bruises

  • I told the nurse and my doctor that I felt high when they gave me the sedatives.  They were pretty amused by that.  I also asked the nurse if If could run with my cast on.  I think she thought I was crazy.  What can I say, I love to run!

My Flatirons

  • I will admit that I had an emotional outburst this morning, proclaiming that my Spring Break was ruined because I couldn’t do anything I wanted to and this would be then last break of my life and I have to spend it one handed.  No, I’m not dramatic at all.  But, I am determined to make the most of it and went walking to clear my head.  Can’t complain with a view like that.

Who knows what adventures are in store for tomorrow?  I’ll meet em in stride and wave my stumpy, wrapped hand at them!  A special thank you to my dear friend, Alli, who took care of my on Saturday, my sister for making me laugh last night, for the rest of my friends and family calling to check in on me and to my boyfriend, the most patient person I know.  I love you all!


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