True Love Goat Cheese

If I had two hands, this is what I’d be cooking this week:

Angela’s Breakfast Burritos.

Jenna’s Cornmeal Pancakes

Joy’s biscuits.

Sarah’s Goat’s Milk Ricotta

I’d also make cornmeal blueberry muffins, arroz chico and whip up some homemade pesto to slather on bread.  Ideally, my mom would be here too.  Alas, I still only have one hand and my mom is in California.  I’m a bit grumpy today as today marks the 5th day I’ve had my cast on and I’m pretty damn sick of it.  Showering is such a hassle that I just didn’t take one yesterday.   I did go on a lovely adventure to Cured, a wine, cheese and meat store on East Pearl Street.  I ended up buying these things while I was there:

True Love cheese

The rind has rose petals, lavender and jasmine on the rind.  The inside was velvety smooth and creamy and the rind paired nicely with the wine I got.  

A nicely dry and herbally white wine.  The herbs on the rind of the cheese paired nicely with the herbal qualities of the wine, and the creamy center of the cheese cut through some of the acid of the wine.  Cured was a very fun place to browse and see some new things!

I look ready to work out, don't I?

I went to the gym last night and rode the stationary bike for a while, which was good for my sanity.  Perhaps I will do that again today, although it’s a pretty gorgeous day outside.  The bf and I also went out to breakfast this morning, which was a nice way to start the day.  We haven’t been out for breakfast in a while.  And we walked his parent’s dog, which is always a treat!  We love you, Georgie!

Be well & happy eating!


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