This is not on my arm any more!


At last!  I’m free from my wretched cast!  I sort of feel like I started from square one because my elbow and hand hurt so much, but I can type with my index finger and thumb on my right hand now!  I’m on the mend, finally.  It’s been a really long time coming.  I’m going to celebrate by trying to make some nutella brownies.  I tried one the the frozen yogurt place my sister and I went to this afternoon and even though it was pretty chocolate-ly, I kind of liked it.  The bf can eat them this weekend to celebrate his weekend off!  I’m pretty dang excited that he has the weekend off right before I have to go back to school.  I’ll be back later with those browines and I’ll leave you with some pictures of the ole hand and elbow.  Because everyone wants to see my post surgery wounds, right?  Sounds appetizing right before a brownie recipe is posted.


X marks the spot.


Excellent self portrait.



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