Back To The Grind: Advanced Dining Room

Well.  Spring Break is officially over.  I can’t say that I’m incredibly excited to start class again, as much as I love school.  Free time is nice.  Any who, I failed to take any pictures during Advanced Dining Room because I was too busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  We’re doing “brigade service” in this dining room, which means that there are six people on a team and that team serves and takes care of a section (usually two tables).  It seems like that would be easier than taking care of an entire table by oneself, but when distributing duties amongst team mates, learning how to work a POS system and doing tableside service, things become a real cluster.  Fortunately, we have a Chef who is very patient  with us.

Let’s talk about some dining room equipment and flatware, shall we?

Butter knife? Dinner knife?


My family called this a butter knife.  Apprarently, this is in fact called a dinner knife.  I always assumed that a butter knife was any knife with a dull, serrated edge.  I sometimes still call these butter knives in class.  Whoops.



The fish knife.  This seems like a pretty worthless knife to me, mainly because it isn’t sharp whatsoever and it’s an awkward shape.  Who decided this was a great knife for fish?  I suppose it’s good for boning a fish tableside, but if you’re boning the fish for the guest, why do they need that kind of knife too?  Beats the hell out of me.  I just do what I’m told.


Thought this was called a gravy boat?  Not in the case, my friends.  This is a gooseneck.  In my last dining room class, a class mate called this a gravy boat and we got a 15 minute lecture on how this was called a gooseneck, NOT a gravy boat.  My goodness.  I’ll be sure to say, “Pass the gooseneck,” when I need gravy at Thanksgiving this year!

Tableside Service: Food is prepared next to the table so that the guests are able to watch their server make a part of their meal.  Today, some of my class mates boned dover sole tableside.  We’re making chateaubriand (beef tenderloin) tableside tomorrow.  Sure, I love to cook, but what I don’t love is an audience.  I suppose I’ll just have to get over that.  Well, the bf just handed me a plate of mac and cheese, ground buffalo and broccoli for dinner.  Yummy!


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