Chef de Rang

Table for four, please.

Today, I was Chef de Rang in my team of servers.  Duties for the Chef de Rang include:

  • Seating guests
  • taking food and beverage orders
  • performing the daily tableside procedure.  Today was chateaubriand, which basically means that I carved a beef tenderloin tableside.
  • also helped clear, mark silverware for some courses and I brought dessert to one table.

Quite the day in the dining room.  Yesterday, I was Maitre ‘d, in charge of the entire dining room, so today was my first day on a serving team.  I was a little apprehensive about serving and carving chateaubriand with four people staring at me, but all reasonably well.


Table setting close up. Fancy napkin fold!

The problem with today is that the guy in my group who was supposed to let the kitchen know when to get our orders ready is from Korea.  English is his second language and he still has a hard time understanding what we’re saying to him and we have a hard time understanding him.  Sort of a tricky situation.  That and the kitchen was moving like turtles through peanut butter, so we were slightly behind.  Luckily, some friends from my old class were at my table, so they were super nice to me while they’re food took forever.  (Thanks Roni and Joe!)  The other mistake was on my part, when I messed up the seat numbers.  I realized that I had mixed up seat one and four, but quickly corrected the mistake before their drinks and food were served.

Carving station ready to go

This is called a gueridon and it’s where we keep all our flatware during service and where I carved the chateaubriand.  The copper thing on the left lights up and keeps the food warm while you plate it.

Chef de Rang mise en place

Captain’s towel (napkin), lighter, and crumber on a bread and butter plate with a doily.  This is what’s in the drawer in the gueridon for the Chef de Rang to use during service.  I will say that the carving went better than I thought, but it’s certainly not easy to cut up hunks of meat with a bum hand wrapped in a splint.  My pieces of meat were horribly uneven and I totally gipped on person with their rather skinny slice of tenderloin.  Ah well, both of my friends at the table knew I just had my surgery, so they were nice about it.  It also would have helped to have a knife that was, you know, SHARP.  That damn knife I was using probably hasn’t been sharpened in years!

Two days down in Advanced Dining and seven more to go.  Hopefully, tomorrow goes a little smoother.

Come on, Colorado!

Seriously?  Yesterday it was 70 degrees here and I wore flats and rolled up the bottoms of my jeans.  I didn’t have to wear a jacket!  And today it was 32 degrees.  How I hate the month of March; it’s one giant tease from warm to cold weather.  Be well & happy eating!


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