You know how I like to start my Friday mornings?

Wine tasting line up

With some wine!  There is a wine tasting almost every day in Advanced Dining Room class.  Yesterday was super delicious because we tried different kinds of champagne!  It was real champagne too, from the Champagne area of France.  All I needed was some orange juice.  Today, we tasted mostly wines from the Bordeaux area in France.  It is absolutely incredible how many different regions in Bordeaux alone make wine!


Lots o wine


Mind boggling.  We filled out these tasting forms while we were trying the wines.



Getting the aromas right can be really tricky.  We all know what raspberries taste like, but when you have to pick that smell out of many, it’s a little bit harder to place that specific raspberry smell.  My favorite were the wines that smelled like the soil they were grown it.  Some areas in Bordeaux have very sandy or clay-y soil and the roots have to reach really deep down into the soil to grow.  The grapes can pick up all of these very earthy and mineral flavors, which can end up in the wine too.  If your nose is refined enough, like my Chef’s, your can tell the kind of terroir (environment and land) that the wine was grown in.  I liked most of the wines we tried today, but the super sweet Muscat dessert wine was a little too sickeningly sweet for me.  But, if you drank that wine and then ate a piece of parmesan cheese, it mellowed out.  The salt and sweet complimented each other really well.


Have a lovely Friday night!


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