Orange Grapefruit Curd


A couple of weeks ago, I was pretty down and out.  I had a cast up to my elbow, I was in an incredible amount of pain and learning to go through my daily routine with one hand was incredibly frustrating.  The Saturday after I had my surgery was one of the worst days, aside from the actual day.  The bf had to work, so my good friend came and sat with me all day long.  A true friend is the one who sticks around even after you’ve had a Percocet induced vomit session.  She peeled a grapefruit for me and picked every little piece of white pith off and made me food when I could finally hold something down. I am incredibly grateful to have a such a good friend and I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without her that day.


Today, we’re hanging out again, but I won’t be on Percocet and I’m in much better shape than I was two weeks ago.  As a thank -you- for -taking -care -of -me, I made my friend some Orange Grapefruit curd.  Heidi posted about Ginger Grapefruit curd last week and I decided it was high time I learned to make my own fruit curd.  It’s way, way easier than I thought and this makes the perfect amount of curd.  Most curd recipes I’ve seen make like a gallon of curd, and who wants all that sitting around in the fridge?  But, this curd is so good, you may end up eating by the spoonful directly from it’s container.   I made Heidi’s exact recipe for Ginger Grapefruit curd last weekend and I made my own version using grapefruit and orange this time.  See the recipe above on Heidi’s website and sub 1/2 a cup of reduced orange and grapefruit juice.  I did half orange juice and half grapefruit juice.  It turned out lovely.



This curd is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  A mere 5 tablespoons of butter make this curd decadent and rich, but the tart grapefruit and touch-of-sweet orange cut through some of that butter to make for an excellent tasting curd.  I’ve been stirring mine into my morning oats, but there’s many ways you could utilize this!  I hope my friend enjoys her curd!

Be well & happy eating!


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