Steak Diane

Huddle of chefs and a dining room ready to go!

More playing with fire today!  Only, I got to watch other people be pyromaniacs because I was the bartender today.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make any drinks except for iced tea and water.  I guess I didn’t even make the iced tea; Jay did.


Iced tea? Hi , Joe!

Steak diane starts with copious amounts of butter.  Shocker.  You cook the steaks to medium rare, build a mushroom, mustard sauce and flambé brandy.  The final ingredient in cream in the sauce at the end.  Steak diane = heart attack special in the Colorado Dining Room.  The flambés are still fun though.  Stephanie had a pretty sweet one today:

Blurry, but you can see how high it was. You're in the way, Rob.

Tamer flame.

Hi Stephanie!  This is easy stuff for her; she used to have to make bananas foster every Sunday.  I helped out a little bit with service and then Jay and I washed roughly 1 million dishes.  It doesn’t help that another lazy class brings their dishes in and expects us to do them.  Oh, you don’t have a plate rack for me to put my 20 dishes on?  Ok, I’ll just leave my stack of horribly food encrusted dishes for you to do.  This is basically what one class does to us every single day.  I don’t mind doing the dishes of the class that cooked for our dining room.  They cooked food for us and fed us.  Sure, I’ll return the favor and wash your dishes.  This other class doesn’t give us any food.  Just their gross plates.  No, I don’t want to rinse out your too heavily curried soup dish.  Thanks though.

Oh well, at least the weekend’s here!  I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend in the sun.  It’s supposed to be in the 70s here!  Be well & happy eating!


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