By The Numbers, II

We're second years now!


Days left in Advanced Dining: 0!  We’re done!

Pieces of flatware dropped in dining room: 1 knife last week

Times I lit something on fire in class: 1, making Cherries Jubilee

Inappropriate comments heard in class: I lost track.  Last semester.  Thanks Jay and Rob.

Food spilled in dining room: 0.  I nearly lost some soup one day though.

Drives to Denver this semester: 9. And counting.

Snowfall: 0

Days above 60 degrees: an unnerving amount for March.

Days left of cold weather: more than we think.

Pizza consumed: at least once a week

Wine tasting before 7 am: 8.  Don’t worry, I spit mine out, unlike some other people I know…

Days trying to pronounce French: 3.  Horrible, horrible stuff.  Oui!

Sunburn: 1.  See “Days above 60 degrees.”

Days cooked at school: 2.  I made tableside Caesar salad and Cherries Jubilee.  I can’t wait to be back in the kitchen tomorrow!


Garde Manger starts for us tomorrow and I’ll learn all the joys of aspic, forcemeat and ICE CARVING.  Yes, I get to wield around a chain saw and carve something with it.  I can hardly wait!  Hopefully, the bum hand will hold out for that.



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