Ice Carving: Top 5 Best School Day

Today was the day!

The beginnings of Herbert the ram

Ice carving is no joke!  It took us four hours to complete Herbert!  Four hours of chiseling, chipping torching and ironing.

Beginning the shaping process

We started by taking a five pronged pick and doing an outline of our ram off the template.  And then it was pretty much free hand after that.  Nobody told me I’ve have to be this creative in culinary school!

Using the rotating die.

The hardest part was the horns.  We spent the better part of our time trying to conceptualize and figure out how to make the horns three dimensional.  They had to wrap around the ram’s head, but in a particular way, since he was looking off the the right.  In the end, I think we figured it out pretty well!

White background helps a little bit

Other team highlights:

This seriously happened.

I think we all know what happens when we eat corn.  Hence the phrase “Corn today, corn tomorrow.”  I was commenting on the corn sculpture and how I was completely un-surprised that these boys did this.  We’ve been having the never ending corn-never-goes-away discussion since first trimester of school.  (We’re a classy bunch, us culinary students.)  Rob’s comment today was the best though.  “I love how every time you eat corn for the rest of your life you’re going to think of me and Ian, that day….and the next day.”  Truth.

The corn boys

This is quite possibly my favorite picture from school yet!

Super strong lady!

Ian wielding the chain saw

Unfortunately, our sculpture didn’t have enough pieces to warrant using a chain saw.  It was fun watching other people use them though!

Leg lamp!

The Leg Lamp from a Christmas story.  I thought this was hysterical too!  Good job, ladies!  It took us an incredible amount of work to make Herbert the Ram.  My feet were numb from the cold and being wet from all the chipped ice and my gloves were completely sopping by the time we were done.  After doing ice chipping myself, I h have an enormous amount of respect for those that are professional ice sculptures.  Thanks for a fun day, Steph and Avi!


Dream team that created Herbert.


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