First Platter

Prep work was the name of the game today in class. We are preparing to make our first platter tomorrow. The platter has Asian inspired flavors, but we have yet to come up with a theme.  Asian wedding?  Our platter will consist of the following:

Cured salmon filet



Brined salmon filet



grilled shrimp

seared scallops

rice noodle/vegetable salad

Lovely, lovely clear consomme

We also made consomme to turn into aspic.  Aspic is a little weird; it’s consomme with gelatin in it, so the broth gets super thick.  It’s used to cover the bottom of the platter and to coat vegetables so that they hold their color.  We’ll be doing that tomorrow.

We successfully made crystal clear consomme to use for our aspic tomorrow!  Consomme is a pain in the ass to make, but it’s pretty damn rewarding when it works.  It’ll make for a nice platter tomorrow.


I'm just so excited it didn't scorch!


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