First Platter: II

Finished platter

After a fairly busy day on Monday, Tuesday was less so, thanks to our meticulous planning.  I nearly had a heart attack when I cooked a test piece of salmon and it was so, so salty.  It was brined, so it should have been a little salty, but this was overwhelming.  Like I need to drink a glass of water overwhelming.  The cured salmon was the same way.  Really, really salty.

Cured salmon.

Luckily, after I rinsed both of the pieces, the salt content was reduced significantly.  I though I nearly ruined our platter.  You can’t really tell from the picture, but the texture of this salmon changed immensely.  It was firm and all the moisture from it was gone-the salt takes it out.  It reminded me of the texture of smoked salmon.  We didn’t even cook it.  We just sliced it very thinly and presented it as is.

Inlay garnish

The colored stars are inlay garnish.  Stephanie made colored aspic (consomme + gelatin = aspic) by making a puree of cilantro and a puree of red peppers.  You squeeze the liquid out of those and then add it to the aspic.  After the gelatin sets, you can cut shapes out of it and set them on your platter as garnish.  They’re held in place by the white aspic all along the bottom of the platter.

Sesame seed crusted scallops. Rice noodle salad.



I can’t say I’m a huge fan of aspic.  It sort of like jello, but it tastes like meat.  Meat jello; I’ll have two servings, thanks.  You have to coat the proteins and vegetables with aspic to help them keep longer.  Yuck.  It does do a pretty decent job of preserving the platter elements though.  We finished our platter 15 minutes early, sweet!  I rather enjoyed making a platter.  It could be the Type A, I-have-to-plan-everything personality that so defines me, but I also like all the technique and attention to detail that goes into planning a platter.  It’s satisfying to plan something and then have it executed exactly the way you planned it.  


Today, we started a new platter and I made forcemeat from the ends of a beef tenderloin!  Pictures tomorrow!  My sister thinks forcemeat sounds pretty sick.  I guess it does have an unfortunate name.

Platter on a banquet table!


I finished up our project for this class, which was to plan a banquet of some sort.  I planned a wedding reception, which was kind of fun.  I made mine and the bf’s favorite foods and there was an open bar.  The open bar is key!


Obviously a soup station. Don't be jealous of my drawing abilities.


Off to do the dishes, one day I will have a dish washer.  One day.  Until then, I will continue to only wash the utensil and plate I need and leave the sink filled with dirty dishes.


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