You Are All Gods


Foie gras, one from a normal duck one from a duck raised for it’s liver.

“I thank God for women and monks. I’m sure their the ones that saved the artisinal quality of food. It wasn’t us men-we were probably out jousting or something.”

This is my new chef, who is teaching us French Classical and is hilarious. Today, he gave us a speech about how we are all Gods; how chefs have god-like status. So, there was this chef, Francois Point, who is one of the famous contributors to French cuisine. It was this chef, who started the trend of having chefs come out into the dining room to greet guests and talking to them about the food. People notice when the Chef walks into the dining room, with their bright white coat and tall toque. There’s something about that white coat that makes one feel invincible, confident God – like? I’m not sure but my chef sure made it sound convincing.




Chateaubriand. We made this table side in Dining Room and now we’re cooking it!


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