Sometimes, You Just Need Pizza and Ranch.

I could eat pizza every night for dinner and be a happy, happy girl. We’re on a once maybe twice weekly pizza habit. Thank you Cosmos for feeding us tonight.  This may be one of two times that I have eaten Cosmos sober.  This pizza is usually reserved for drunken, late night munchies.  (oh college…)  I didn’t even know they had pizza with vegetables on it.  I’ve only ever eaten the pepperoni, dripping with grease and is absolutely delicious.

The compromise pizza.


I was just too lazy to drive any where to get food, as our fridge is bordering on empty.

A compromise pizza for us: vegetables and meat. I like vegetable heavy pizzas and the bf likes meat heavy pizzas. No, we can’t share. We must get our own pizzas/ dessert / drink. So, this is a big step for us, sharing pizza and all.

I haven’t had the world’s most awesome day, nothing that hanging out with my favorite man, pizza and my kitty can’t cure. Or at least help out with.

We do have vegetables.


I roasted some vegetables to eat with mine, which included carrots.  Usually, I loath cooked carrots, but for some reason, I decided to throw some into the mix.  They were ok.  I didn’t hate them, but they weren’t all the way cooked through either.  (Raw carrots are awesome!)




I may have eaten some spicy ranch with my second baby slice of pizza.  Some times, you just need some pizza and ranch.  Off to find some dessert!


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