Officially Spring: First Boulder Farmers Market

Spring is really here!  Today was the first day of the farmers market in Boulder, so my sister, her boyfriend and I all trekked down there to find some goodies to buy.

Pretty excited to eat my fresh, fresh eggs.

Grass fed beef. You can get a whole side of a cow here!

I spent most of my money at Windsor Dairy and bought some delicious fresh eggs and some super yummy cheese.  Few foods in life give me such pleasure as a fresh egg.  The yolks stand up higher and are a bright orange-yellow color that pales in comparison to a store bought egg.  I may have to start buying eggs here every week now.

Thanks for exploding all over me. Twice.

It turns out that when you open kimchi, you should be careful.  I got kimchi juice all over two different shirts when I went home and opened this.  That fermentation sure makes things carbonated.  It was a delicious salad topper that I enjoyed, after I over reacted slightly by cursing a string of profanities at the kimchi jar explosions.

I love you, Black Cat!

Hippy dippy pants. I was is full Boulder uniform today.

Cute couple


What a lovely day at the Farmers Market!  Hopefully, the weather holds so we can come here with our parents in a couple of weeks. There wasn’t a ton of produce in the stands yet, but it’ll be here soon enough.  Look out for the Easter Bunny dropping eggs off at your house tonight!


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