Namaste, From my Knife to Yours

Nothing like a little cow tongue at 7 am.


What’s the difference between yoga and stretching?”

— Sense of mind.”


“Be mindful while chateau-ing your potatoes.  Concentrate.”


“Namaste.  Have a great afternoon-it’s a gorgeous day.”



Natasha and Avi's salmon


Sounds a little like yoga class, no?  Well, I’m still in a kitchen and that’s my newest chef talking.  He’s quite the dedicated yogi apparently, so he often incorporates yoga-ish phrases in the classroom.  I am more than all right with this thought process; I am the resident class hippie after all.  I don’t know how “mindful” I can be while trying to chateau a potato, simply because it feels like mine never get better, but I tried putting all of focus and effort into the ones I made this morning and they weren’t half bad.


I was on Team Starch today, which meant that my partner, Tayler and I, made potatoes three different ways.  There are no other starches except potatoes in French cuisine, apparently.  We made mashed potatoes, baked everyone’s chateau potatoes, and made potatoes Anna.  Potatoes Anna were actually really cool to make.  We sliced potatoes on a mandoline and then we buttered eight inch pans.  Then, we arranged the potatoes in circles with the slices overlapping each other in the pans.  This becomes the top and after it’s layered with three potatoes worth of slices, it gets placed on the stove, sauteed briefly, and the put in the oven until the potatoes are cooked through.


My potatoes Anna


The bottom becomes the top when you flip it over and out of the pan.  It’s still just potatoes, but it dresses them up and makes them look pretty.  Other highlights from today:


Ian's duck


Stephanie's roasted beet salad


I’ll leave you with another chef quote that is still making me laugh:

(In response to the question, ‘What’s your specialty?’)


“My specialty?  My specialty is managing alcoholics and drugs addicts.  I’m really good at that.”




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