Dinner at Japangos


Strawberry acai lemonade. It was ok, but it had vodka in it, which always reminds me of hangovers and nausea in college.

I’m not usually one to take pictures of my food when I go out to eat. I know there’s lots of bloggers out there that do, but I don’t know how they do it. I lack the patience to take a picture of my food before eating it. I am always hungry (duh, that’s why I’m eating) so the time it takes to snap a picture is usually too much time for me. Ever heard of the word hangry? It was invented for me.

For some reason, last night, I decided to document our trip to Japangos. It mine and Bf’s favorite restaurants to eat at. In fact, I have been there upwards of 10 times and have only eaten there once without Steve.


We get edamame every time. It's not always blurry...


New to us, spicy and delightful calamari.

If anything last night was photo-worthy, it was this plate.


I love this place.  The food is quality, the servers are nice and it reminds me of way back when the bf and I first met.  I think he took me here on one of our earlier dates.  He sure knows to court a gal!

Today feels off to me.  I skipped school to go to the doctor, which is always fun.  I kept looking at the clock and thinking, “Now they’re in lecture…they just started production…they’re going over they’re show plates…now they’re cleaning.”  I was going to force myself to go to class, but four straight days of chest pain made me choose the doctor.  I have costochondritis, which means musculoskeletal chest pain.  I’ve had this chest pain for as long as I can remember, which the doc says means that something isn’t out together quite right in my sternum/rib cage/cartilage attaching those two things.  Advil is my friend.

I missed you today, Natasha, Stephanie, Jay, Rob, Ian and Avi!


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