The End of Recovery May Be the Hardest Part.


Let’s talk about something not food related tonight? Let’s talk about physical therapy, shall we? That’s my bum hand/arm up there covered in a heating pad after my physical therapist murdered it. Yes, my doctor cleared me of any restrictions with my hand. Sweet!


Inferential therapy: tiny electric waves to break up scar tissue.

I still have some issues going on in my fingers and their ability to straighten. I have what I like to refer to as “claw hand”. Physical therapy should do the trick though. Here’s what doctors don’t tell you about physical therapy:

1. PT is not easy. It’s not easy for you or your therapist. You have to sit through the session and they have to hurt you. Even when I cry, my therapist still digs her fingers into my nerve.  That’s got to be a hard job.   No pain no gain is a phrase applicable to PT.



2. PT is expensive. Not much else to say here, but sometimes your health is worth big expenses.

3. PT is probably one of the more painful things I’ve done. I’d compare the pain I felt today to pain right after my surgery. I felt faint at one point. Whatever it takes to get my hand back, I will do.

4. It’s worth it. I’ve been a little negative in this post, but PT is totally worth it. The woman I go see is one of the best people I have worked with in the medical profession. She’s previously helped me recover from running related injuries, so I keep coming back to her.

So, I’m off to another session on Friday. Good times indeed. In food related news, I took my French classical practical. I’m glad that’s over. A hour and 45 minutes seems like a long time, but it’s really not!  Have a great night!



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