Back In Baking


Chocolate caramel mousse with chocolate sauce and a vanilla spoon tuille.

My class is back in the baking kitchen, but this time we’re doing Advanced Patisserie!  We’ve been doing some really cool things the last three days.  Our last class focused on baking bread, but this class is focused more on dessert.


Fruit tart with lemon curd.

I have always wanted to learn how to make fruit tarts.  These are my kind of dessert, because they contain minimal chocolate and are fruit focused.  We used an apricot coating, basically really smooth jam, to make the fruit shiny.  It also helps keep for longer.


Checker board cookies


Russian tea cakes.

These are very similar to the Mexican wedding cookies my mom makes a Christmas.  These have powdered sugar in the dough and ground up Filberts.  Eventually, these get rolled in powdered sugar.


Chocolate sponge cake production


Almond lace cookies

These cookies are really neat.  You place very small amounts of the batter onto a silpat and they spread really far out on the pan.  While they’re still warm, they can be formed into shapes and used as garnish.  These are our attempts at making some garnishes.


Vanilla tuilles


These are hippen cookies and are used as a garnish like the almond lace cookies. The way these cookies are make is by setting a stencil down on a silpat and spreading the batter very thin.  These cookies are also shaped while they are still warm.  Baking is pretty interesting, but there’s a lot of down time while things are waiting to bake.  The atmosphere in a baking lab is much different than in a culinary kitchen.


On an unrelated side note, I sliced my finger on my mandolin making salad.  It’s just as well, because the horrible cut I gave myself on Natasha’s mandolin about 4 weeks ago has almost healed.  Excellent.  The bf suggested that I stop using a mandolin.  He could have a point.



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