The Test From Hell (And Baking Class This Week)

Tart Tatin, in natural light!

The last time I remember taking a test this horrible was when I was in AP Calculus my senior year of high school.  I felt on the verge of vomit every time we took a test in calculus, mainly because I couldn’t wrap my head around the complex problems.  When math problems take an entire sheet of paper to finish, I start to feel panicky.  This test in my current class was something else.  I went into this test with a shit attitude for many reasons, the main one being that I had to teach myself to do all the math and I wasn’t sure that I had taught it to myself correctly.  15 minutes in lecture is not enough time to explain an income statement to a bunch of people who aren’t accountants.  At least in my calculus class, I had an awesome teacher who was willing to walk me through, step by step, every problem we did.  I didn’t finish the test.  And I had two hours to complete it.  I was pretty pissed off on Thursday, but now I just think it’s funny.  As a very type-A person, this is a good step for me, to accept the test for what it was and move on.

We’ve been doing some fun stuff in baking this week.  On Wednesday, my group made strawberry basil sorbet.


Testing sugar density for sorbet. The egg should have a nickel size piece showing.

In the making

Final product

It kind of turned out the color of Pepto Bismol, but it was all right.  It was an experiment.  One group made vanilla ice cream and then added a swirl of salted carmel to it.  I could have eaten the entire container in one sitting.

This is the beginnings of a Charlotte Royal.  Those are pieces of sponge cake that have raspberry jam spread on the inside and then it’s rolled up and sliced.


These are then filled with raspberry bavarian cream and another layer of sponge cake goes on the bottom.

Jay, making our raspberry bavarian cream.

Truffle production:



Poached pears


A pretty good week in baking, but I think we were all in bad moods due this test looming at the end of the week.  Nearly every single person I talked to felt just as unprepared as I did, so at least there was some solidarity there.  It’s over now and it’s a beautiful weekend!


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